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released October 1, 2010



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Laura Jean and the Shoo Flies Oakland, California

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Track Name: 15 Today
15 today and 2 yesterday
81 in March over a hundred in May

Hunter hunted
Savior savage
Victory victim
Track Name: Proxy
The icy cold rolled through the crack in the door
Disturbing the warmth and the peace like before
I worked hard to fix that crack thistle and grind
But it won't go unnoticed that cold in your mind

Hail to the proxy
The real one's just over the hill
And bring me the bottle
Cause I just can't get my fill

Cut through the bone just like they always do
But it didn't feel right when I served it to you
The people are angry and it's all a mess
But amongst it all I know that I am still blessed
Track Name: Silver and Gold
She's home from school
Her face is long
I try in vain
To learn what's wrong
Her silence sucks up
All the air
And none of us
Can breathe in there

I can't stand your friends
Yes it's true
Not a single one
See's the beauty of you
I won't lie to you
Like I was told
No one's silver
No one's gold

I wish I knew
What words were said
Pierced her gentle soul
And turned her red
Pointless I know
To help her try and ignore
So much damage done
By the girl next door

I know some day indignation will replace
This beaten mood this sad disgrace
Until that day I'll hold my tongue
What a world what a life when you're young

Sometimes there's one that you can trust
She's your die hard be there omnibus
Your soul sister rad mama friend for life
She's thick and thin she's mega nice
My sister had one as I recall
But wait no she surprised us all
Her haughty art world bullshit head
One day decided friendship dead
Track Name: Filthy Bird
She never thought she'd be like this
Stay in bed hit and miss
He always knew she'd be like this
Idle head

She scorns temptation wears a string
On her wrist and everything
Waits for the sound gone from the stair
Eatin' straight from the tupperware

Filthy Bird Filthy Bird
Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow Maow

He's giving her the up and down
She lost the posture with the gown
But underneath she kept the skip
See her dance like a little kid

Forget it now she's on the run
He turned around and she was gone
Took 20 years for her to get
Took the trip for biscuits
Track Name: Mayhem and Blame
Lord where do I go
Attacked just like they told me so
This is hard what to do
The old woman lived in a shoe

Mayhem and Blame
Where am I
What's my name

This chair is really small
Where are the whiffle balls
This could be a big threat
I learned my alphabet

Tortured families
Death rage insanity
It's really warm in here
Wish that I could have a beer

What's the date
Where's the cake
This could make me really win
Dad will say I'm proud of him
Track Name: Safe
Appetizers entrees we got
Cake baking and hats
And not only that
We'll tuck you in tight
Push the button we got something that your kin don't got
We can help a lot
We're specialized troops
It's prudent for you

Safe the child inside the womb
Safe she sits inside her room
Safe safe safe
We're coming there soon

Darling baby joined the navy
Took your place on top
Accomplished quite a lot
Now sit on the side
And swallow your pride

Read it on the paper
Your life has come to this
But fight it hand and fist

Come full circle all unfurls
Mouths are held ajar
Best to leave your car
And be with your kind
It's all in your mind
Track Name: Worried About You
I'm worried about you
And all of the the things that you might do
I'm worried about you
You spend hours long thinking about you

Counting them all as the messages crawl
Rabbit run's over the clock's on the wall
But you're wasting time counting the birds 'round your head
There's no way you'd be better off dead

I'm worried about you
And all of the things that you don't do
I'm worried about you
Don't see all of the good that surrounds you

You never try watch the world pass you by
It's true you can't run but you surly could fly
But the paper's are piling up calling to you
They need going through going through go

Then she said
Then he said
Then she said
Then he said
Then she said

I'm worried about you
And how all the big dogs just might bite you
I'm worried about you
When the rage in your head gets the best of you

King of them all but unpredictable
The younger they are then the farther you fall
But I'm probably putting the burden on you
By making you jump through the hoop

I'm worried about me
And all of the things that I might be
I'm worried about me
I'm the poster child for hypocrisy
Track Name: Gusher
What am I supposed to wear tonight
My belly's swelled and my jeans are tight
She's taken over now she's scorned and pissed
He's saying you should smile you look like this
Whatever yeah I know what's it to you
If you had my life you'd wear it too
Besides you're beautiful they always said
Those acoustic shadows always fill my head

I got drunk and gushed again

Heard you won an award for something you did
Some really cool stuff yeah you accomplished it
But I don't care so much I gotta buy a purse
Pavlov's dog turned on the light and apathy's a curse
Track Name: Living it Up
You're not an ageist you just prefer the young
You're keeping up but you're running 'gainst the gun
But you got that face that can handle it
Yeah you found it on page 46

Congratulations and Happy Birthday
We're living life
Hands in the soil and our mind's are clear
Making the most of the time we got here
Judging each other and all our friends
Living it up to the end

Being somebody is what we'd like to do
But we get so busy just tryin to be like you
Poison ourselves then we knock on wood
But we're so happy when we look good

Pave the way for your golden day
Doubts out the window been tossed
Shackles are gone and we're on our way
Just don't know why I feel lost

Thing is I know this all to be too true
Castrated my dog cause it's the right thing to do
But I'd honestly rather see him procreate
Than some of these parents of late
Track Name: Stringbean
I don't wanna go to work
I don't wanna act like I'm cool
I don't wanna be a jerk
I don't wanna be

I wanna be stringbean

Watched some stuff on the tv
Sat around and socked a tree
Don't know why I hate the sun
Wanna like it wanna

I wanna be stringbean

Runnin round the devil's ground
Shots are firing all around
So what about the things they say
She's glass half full and ride the wave

I know you're mad and I'm sorry
Life is sad I feel guilty
Wears the sack the sad sack
I don't wanna wear

I wanna be stringbean
Track Name: La La Land
You really should try something new
We're sick of your old tried and true
They're giving each other that look once again
We all want it too

Saw her once buying him that
A juvenile toy and a hat
They say you're a fool when you're really in love
Just think about that

I'm sitting round in la la la la la land
In my dreams I try to look at my hands
Don't know who to thank but you know I do
Said goodbye to them and hello to you

The dog that you got to kick kicked you instead
You're a yowler in the crate she's still in bed
You read Raymond Carver til you hate her guts
Your married life is in a rut

Are you listening now

You said please don't talk about you when you go
But you're the show stopper and everyone knows
See ya at breakfast yeah I'm so lucky
You're my favorite company
Track Name: Better Than Me
Squeeze the arm again
You still feel a pulse
But you've got no mind
And you've got no soul

Was gonna say something
About feeling dumb
But I got tired
And you jumped the gun

I know you think that you're better than me
Saw you look twice and knew I'd pay the price
No I know it's not in my head I know it's true
Just can't believe I took the fall for you

Run for cover
The cat's on the loose
She's going out again
Tighten the noose
Louder the voices
The bigger the prize
Down in the trenches
I feel etherized

I know you think that there's no hope for me
But I will show you eventually
No I know it's not in my head I know it's true
If you're so aware why do you seem so scared

I'm ok
But they say that I'm slipping away
I'm ok
Gnawed the nails all day long yesterday
Not ok
This surrendering in every way

Meet you Sunday and
You'll bring the key
I know you find it
Jail break at dawn
I'll be gunning for home
Can't catch me now
I've got magnetic bones

I know you wanna get the best of me
This is a war choose your side hit the floor
No I know it's not in my head I know it's true
It's all right now I'll be seeing you soon