Silver and Gold

from by Laura Jean and the Shoo Flies



She's home from school
Her face is long
I try in vain
To learn what's wrong
Her silence sucks up
All the air
And none of us
Can breathe in there

I can't stand your friends
Yes it's true
Not a single one
See's the beauty of you
I won't lie to you
Like I was told
No one's silver
No one's gold

I wish I knew
What words were said
Pierced her gentle soul
And turned her red
Pointless I know
To help her try and ignore
So much damage done
By the girl next door

I know some day indignation will replace
This beaten mood this sad disgrace
Until that day I'll hold my tongue
What a world what a life when you're young

Sometimes there's one that you can trust
She's your die hard be there omnibus
Your soul sister rad mama friend for life
She's thick and thin she's mega nice
My sister had one as I recall
But wait no she surprised us all
Her haughty art world bullshit head
One day decided friendship dead


from Filthy Bird, released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Laura Jean and the Shoo Flies Oakland, California

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